Fixie:why are they the ideal city bike?

Of all the things that can make you feel different in a city and help you set a trend, one of the most aesthetically attractive and at the same time useful is the bicycle. But not just any bike, if you want to design your own lifestyle, the personality that the fixies other bikes won't give it to you. These models are characterized by being single gear, fixed gear and no dead center. Thanks to this, you move forward, brake and reverse with the use of the pedals.

Initially, when it became an exclusive fashion, prices were noticeable and not everyone who was attracted to fixies was able to take one home. But as they became popular, the options for finding cheap new fixies also grew, and this is what you can find at Momabikes.

Currently, fixie bicycles are one of the urban cycling icons, for all the advantages it offers over other models. Among those we find: The maintenance they require is minimal, since they do not have changes. They have better transmission efficiency, they have a shorter and straighter chain, this together with the absence of deviating pulleys provides an improvement in transmission efficiency. In addition, they are ideal for pedaling on the flat and on short journeys.

¿The fixie bike is good and cheap Affirmative. These do not have to be two opposite terms. On the contrary, at Momabikes our fixie bicycles are equipped with quality components and their frames have a lifetime guarantee. These models cannot be found cheaper in any other store, and, to the good and cheap fixie, "pretty" could be added to complete the famous composition, although that is a matter of taste..

If we want to buy one cheap fixie online, Momabikes offers a model available in two different colors. Appearance is practically everything when we get on a fixie, so if we are one of those who appreciate sober and elegant proposals, Momabikes is undoubtedly the ideal place to buy an elegant, safe and economical fixie bicycle. In our model, light blue and beige colors rule, with black accessories in both cases.

Furthermore, our fixie bike stands out for its security and optimization to achieve the best handling of the bike. The most purists are in their element on fixed gear bikes without brakes, using only the coaster technique to slow down or stop. But, let's not be fooled, only the most expert and brave are able to navigate the city with ease with bikes similar to those used in velodromes. When buying a cheap fixie online at Momabikes, we are also buying security, since their models are equipped with front and rear brakes (we will always have the option of using them or not) and the sprocket, depending on how the rear wheel is mounted, can be fixed (track bike type) or freewheel (conventional bike).

Their frame is made of hi-ten steel, lightened with several aluminum parts (cranks, seatpost), and they mount 700 tires (like road bikes). They are differentiated by their rims, which are made of double-walled aluminum with a 43mm profile. In addition, it adapts to users of different sizes, since they are available in two sizes (ML for heights between 1.60m and 1.75m; L-XL for heights between 1.76m and 1.95m).

Furthermore, simplicity is one of its most notable characteristics, it provides a total connection between cyclist and bicycle, for its purity and simplicity; It all depends on the cyclist's pedaling. As for driving, your legs are the accelerator and brake, you pedal hard to gain speed and you exert resistance on the pedals when you want to slow down. In addition, it improves cadence, since the fixed gear forces you to have a lot of cadence as you gain speed, and since they are light and agile bicycles, speed is achieved quickly.

Once the quality of the bike and its presentation have been confirmed, the fundamental element to consider a cheap fixie bicycle is its price. At Momabikes there is no doubt, since right now these new bikes are reduced by almost 50% of their price. You can enjoy your fixie bike for less than 210. In addition, at Momabikes you can also find accessories for pedaling, such as padlocks either inflators.

In short, if your goal is to get around the city, fixie bikes are a great option. In addition, you can personalize yours, either with accessories or paint, and thus highlight its characteristic aesthetics. You can also take a look at the folding bicycles, a good solution for houses with less space or for combined trips on public transport.