Folding bikes for work

go to work in bicycle It brings many benefits compared to doing it in private vehicles or public transportation: physical exercise; savings on fuel or bus, metro and train tickets; the absence of traffic jams and the stress they cause; and, to top it off, the CO2 emissions that we save the planet.

It also has some drawbacks, such as the risk of parking our bicycle on the street, exposed to inclement weather and, above all, to the heartless action of criminals. No matter how cheap they have been, no one wants to have to renew their bicycle two or three times a year for this reason and can avoid it.

The simplest way to enjoy all the benefits of going to work by bicycle and at the same time counteract the unpleasantness caused by theft or vandalism is expressed in two words: folding bicycles. In addition to the fact that we can carry it without taking up much space on public transport if we are surprised by the rain or if we have an equally unexpected puncture, we can "park" it in the office or in some corner of the shop or factory where we work without any problem.



Within the spectrum of folding bicycles adapt even better to the needs of some users. electric folding bikes, since its assistance when pedaling prevents unwanted sweating, saves energy and makes carrying complementary items such as back packs much more bearable.

The folding bicycles and electric folding bicycles that we can buy at are economical and reliable (they are equipped with Shimano components) and have the capacity to satisfy an average user without leaving their checking account shaking. In this online store specialized in all types of frames (touring, mtb, fixies...) we can find really cheap new folding bicycles, since they offer them at discounted prices of up to 50% due to stock clearance or surplus promotions. . Among its numerous offers we also find folding bicycles or folding bikes.

Of all the models of folding bicycles and electric folding bicycles that can be purchased in the Momabikes online store, we recommend these two:

- First Class folding bicycles: Before buying a bicycle it is advisable to compare prices and look for the best offers. The First Class is at Momabikes from 219.99 euros, when bikes of its profile are found in stores for about 350 euros. It is available in various colors and includes a carrying bag. These folding bicycles fit perfectly with the urban user, especially those who appreciate buying quality online at very reasonable prices.


- EBike 20 Folding Electric Bikes: In our online store they will cost us 899.99 euros (+ VAT). Taking into account that frames with a similar profile easily exceed 1,000 euros, we can consider them as very economical. In addition to Shimano components, these models have aluminum frames and are very light (total weight is 18 kg) and have front suspension. They reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h, have a range of 80 km and their batteries recharge in just 4 hours.


You can also take a look at other models like the EBike 20 PRO natural evolution of the Ebike20, the TOP CLASS 2 (available in 2 colors) and with more features than the First Class, the Compact 18, or the very economical folding street bike. We are sure that at Momabikes there is a folding bicycle for you.