Folding electric bikes vs electric bikes

Two of the main revolutions that have occurred in the world of urban bicycles - and surely of bicycles in general - have been the entry on the scene of electric bicycles and folding bicycles. It was only a matter of time before both concepts merged and in the city few bikes can compete with folding electric bicycles in terms of functionality. But if we make the comparison "folding electric bicycles vs normal electric bicycles", who would win and why?é?

Taking as an example the electric bicycles that we can find at Momabikes, we will come to the conclusion that, without a doubt, one of the main elements to opt for one or the other may be the availability of space we have to store it at home and in our places. of destiny.

In favor of the electric bikes, the E-Bike 20 model offers its added folding condition, which gives it added value if the bike is used for daily trips to work, to the place of study... Let's say that whoever purchases an E-Bike 20 buys more an electric folding bike than a folding electric bike. With it, the risks involved in parking your bike on the street disappear.

In terms of design, it is in line with classic folding bikes, with an elongated head tube and 20-inch wheels. The weight is somewhat less than traditional electric ones -18 kg. compared to 20 kg. of the other models -, although it is not a substantial difference.

The design of the E-Bike 26 is closer to the touring bike, so if a user puts this detail ahead of other considerations, in a comparison of folding electric bicycles vs. normal electric vehicles, the latter would win. The electric bikes that have 20-inch wheels are equipped with disc brakes while the electric bikes that are also folding bikes have aluminum V-Brakes, and there is also a difference between the type of suspension they use: although all three are equipped suspension, in the E-Bike 20 PRO model, the brake disc system is hydraulic.

As far as the ease of pedaling they offer is concerned, normal electric ones undoubtedly come out ahead in a comparison with their folding relative, since they offer 5 levels of pedaling assistance compared to the 3 of the folding bike. This data is collected on an LCD Display that is also somewhat more complete than the one used by the E-Bike 20.

If we stop at the prices, in the comparison of folding electric bikes vs standard electric bikes, E-Bike 20 are the best stops.

Momabikes contributes another player in the comparison of folding vs. non-folding electric bicycles, since it has a third type of electric bicycle: the E-FAT 20. A mountain bike with a pedaling assistance system, capable of performing in the mountains or in open fields. like any other SUV but with the ability to also work well in the city. With 5 levels of assistance, 8-speed Shimano gearbox, range of up to 120km and hydraulic disc brakes.

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