How to choose the ideal e-bike for the city?

¿Looking for an E-BIKE to get around the city More and more people are choosing the bike as a means of urban transportation, and cities are adapting to facilitate mobility by bike..

Before talking to you about the different models, it is important that you take into account several factors: the maximum autonomy is decisive, it would be good if you chose a bike with a autonomy that is not very adjusted to your needs. In addition, you must choose the appropriate size so that it adapts well to your size, because your comfort and safety when you are rolling will depend on it. And, don't forget to take into account the maximum weight that the bicycle can support.

Now yes, the time has come to choose an electric bike to explore the city, but which one to choose? Today we are going to talk to you about the different models of electric bikes to help you make the decision, depending on your needs there will be a model that best suits you and your lifestyle. If touring the city is going to be the only use you give it, the options are clear: E-BIKE for walking or folding E-BIKE. But within these large model groups, you can refine even further to choose the perfect electric bike:a:

Folding electric bike

Folding E-BIKES are one of the best options if your goal is to transport yourself around the city in a comfortable and practical way. Easy to fold and unfold, minimalist and equipped with everything you need. Combine the best of a folding bike with an E-BIKE to make your life easier.

More efficient, taking up less space than a traditional one and combines just as easily with other means of transport as a regular folding bike. Without a doubt, a great ally in cities where you have to travel long distances and combine means of transport. But, when choosing the ideal folding E-BIKE, there are several factors that you should take into account; the weight, the way the bicycle is folded and the use you are going to give it.

At Momabikes we have two models of folding E-BIKES:

The model E-BIKE 20 PRO It is elegant, fast and reliable. No matter the distance you have to travel or the type of terrain you ride on, thanks to its 250W motor and its 4 levels of assistance, this bicycle adapts to any situation. With a range of 120km, equipped with Shimano gears and components, 20-inch wheels, front suspension and hydraulic disc brakes.

And, on the other hand, the model Folding E-BIKE It is perfect if you are looking for a bike that allows good mobility around the city, combines it with urban transportation and takes up little space. Its small wheels, front suspension and low center of gravity provide easy handling of the bike and make it easy to go up and down curbs or ramps. It has 7 speed changes, a range of 80km and a powerful 250W motor. This model has become the folding urban bike for daily transportation par excellence.

electric touring bike

Your perfect companion to navigate streets and avenues effortlessly, stroll through the most central alleys and nimbly climb the steepest slopes. Although their most common use is commuting to work, they are also ideal for enjoying with the family, walking around the area, exercising and enjoying all the corners of your city. We present to you the best E-BIKES for touring from Momabikes:

The E-BIKE 28 PRO It is robust and safe, perfect for demanding urban explorers. Comfortable and versatile, on asphalt or on land, its powerful engine and 120km range allows it to tackle demanding mountain routes or transport you around the city safely, since its wide tires and knobs improve grip. It has hydraulic disc brakes, 5 levels of assistance and 7 speed changes that adapt the bike to different routes and situations. In addition, it allows you to adjust the height of the handlebars and the seat.

 The model E-ROAD 28 PRO It is ideal for those who need to get around the city, but also enjoy going out on the road from time to time. Your gear shift

Shimano Altus 8 speed is fast and effective. In addition, it has front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, a 250W motor and a range of up to 80km. It will accompany you on your trips around the city effortlessly and will allow you to face large slopes and bumps on the road without problem. Without a doubt, one of the best electric touring bikes on the market; safe, efficient and durable.

Lastly, the E-BIKE 28 HYDR It is your bike if you are looking for an electric touring bike with 28-inch wheels, hydraulic disc brakes, 250W motor and 80km of autonomy. In addition, it offers 5 levels of assistance, 7-speed Shimano gearbox and front suspension with Zoom fork. We also have the same model with 26-inch wheels; E-BIKE 26 HYDR.


¡Riding a bike has never been so easy! If the touring bike was the best option to get around the city or go for a walk on Sundays with family or friends, now you won't let go of your urban E-BIKE.