Tips for filming at night in summer

We are in the middle of summer, and that means that the ideal times to go out and shoot are reduced to the early hours of the day or the late hours of the afternoon. But have you tried to shoot at night?he?

ride on bicycle at night it is a pleasant and strange sensation that we should all try at least once. The sensation of only seeing what your bicycle lights illuminate is something different that is engaging.

But we know that this entails different risks than what we are used to, so today we are going to talk about what we should take into account to avoid encountering unforeseen events if we go out with our bike at night.


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make yourself visible

The biggest drawback, as you may have deduced, is the poor visibility that night offers us. For this reason, it is essential to carry both lights and reflective elements, to have good visibility and offer good visibility over us to users traveling on public roads.

The lights we use must be of great power and duration, it is important to use both front and rear lights, and combine them with reflective elements. You can incorporate these elements into your equipment or your bike, and there are countless options for you to choose the ones that best suit you. You can even add lights to the helmet, although this will increase the weight you support on your head and you may notice it slightly on your neck, but as an advantage, it directly illuminates the area to which you direct your gaze, which results in greater comfort and security.

To be more specific, the rear light must be powerful and red. On the other hand, the front light must be white and illuminate a minimum of 220 meters. It will be useful to have a good field of vision forward and to alert cars or people in front of you.

In addition, we must be careful and make sure that we do not carry any element that is covering the lights, especially you should check the rear, since it is easier for us not to notice if this happens.





If you ride one E-BIKE, it never hurts to remember that you should check the charge of the battery so it doesn't ruin your exit. It is also a good option to carry an extra battery to help you in case something unforeseen arises.



Good equipment

The equipment you will need is the same one you use during the day, but it is recommended that you add a layer, such as a thermal t-shirt or a vest. You must keep in mind that temperatures at night drop very quickly depending on where you are.

In addition, it is important that your clothes have some reflective detail to increase your visibility.



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Plan the routes

Planning the routes when shooting at night is very important to know the route and total time that we will be shooting. In the same way as on day routes, you must take into account hydration and food to enjoy the complete route.

If you are going to film in very cold places, an extra trick that we recommend to increase your body temperature is to carry hot drinks such as tea or coffee in a thermal container, so that the temperature of the liquid is maintained for as long as possible.



Always alert

Riding a bike always carries a risk, so it is important to be alert and focused. But the risk increases when riding at night, which is why it is essential that you always remain alert to anything that may arise around you. Regarding the danger of coming across animals, a good option is to carry a bell to let them know where you are so they can be warned.

Finally, and to increase your security if you go out alone, a good idea is to share your location in real time with someone you trust, so in case something unforeseen happens to you, they will know exactly where you are.



Nowadays, pedaling at night is just another form of cycling. A dangerous modality that requires greater caution on the part of the cyclist, but by taking the measures we have mentioned, you can ride safely and enjoying the good summer night temperatures.

Without a doubt, it is a very different experience from what we are used to, and even the routes that we know best seem new to us, you are encouraged to try ito?