3 tips for buying your first mountain E-BIKE

To enjoy mountain biking, getting the most out of your adventures and enjoying the risk safely, it is necessary to have a suitable E-BIKE. Choosing the right e-bike for our needs may seem like a complicated task, but we make it easy for you to find the bicycle that best suits you according to its functionality, characteristics and the use you are going to give it.

Electric mountain bikes are just as versatile as their traditional version. They maintain wide tires with marked patterns that improve grip on loose terrain, and the straight handlebars facilitate more controlled handling of the bicycle, pedaling with a semi-upright torso, control and vision of the road.


Choose the modality you want to practice

First of all, you must choose which MTB modality you want to practice. Mountain biking may seem like a modality in itself, but if you are a little bit into the world of cycling, you know that within mountain biking there are several modalities that you can practice according to your tastes, and for each modality there is a bike that is suitable for you. fits better.

Choose the right frame size

Bikes, like clothing, must be the right size for us if we want to get the most out of them, since if we choose a size that is too big or small, our experience may not be the best.

To choose the right size you should look at the inches. Not only our height will define our size, since some people may have longer trunks and short legs, or vice versa. Therefore, the actual measurement to choose the size is based on the measurement from the floor to the crotch.

All our MTB models They have detailed information on the website so you can choose the most suitable size for you, but if you still have doubts, contact contact us and we will help you choose the ideal size for you.


Select the braking system and determine the suspension you need

All our EMTB models have comfortable and efficient hydraulic brake discs. In addition, this type of brakes require less pressure on the levers.

Regarding the suspension, our models E-MTB and E-MTB FULL SUSPENSION, offer hydraulic Suntour suspension, adjustable with lock and with a travel of 120mm. And, on the other hand, the E-FAT PRO 26'', offers double suspension with lock and a travel of 75mm.

The E-MTB with a suspension is more than suitable for long routes, as they usually have more autonomy. On the other hand, the E-MTB with double suspension is more suitable for routes with a large gradient. If you are starting out in mountain biking, E-MTBs with full suspension are more versatile, have greater off-road capability and will provide you with greater comfort.


To make it even easier for you, we tell you the main differences between the three Momabikes MTB models:

The model E-MTB, is ideal if you are looking to combine mountains and city, thanks to its versatility. This e-bike is an all-terrain vehicle capable of taking you to places that you couldn't reach with a conventional mountain bike. It is light, has a range of up to 120km and a 24-speed Shimano ALTUS gearbox. In addition, its oversized handlebar helps make driving more comfortable and precise.

The model E-MTB Full Suspension, very similar to the MTB but with front and rear suspension. Ideal if you enjoy routes with great unevenness.

Finally, with the model E-FAT PRO 26'', you will enjoy terrain that you could not venture into with a conventional mountain bike. Its wide wheels are designed to maintain balance on complicated terrain; Sand, snow, mud or stones are not an obstacle for the E-FAT PRO. In addition, it has an 8-speed Shimano ALTUS shifting system, double suspension and autonomy of up to 120km.


Boost your mountain excursions with one of our e-bikes. Pedal faster and further than ever.

With an increasingly modern design, these bicycles come with improved motors and batteries with a longer life span, allowing you to enjoy the mountains for much longer. Nature and technology, all in one. With our MTB models, explore to the limits you thought impossible.