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BMX bike

If you like to be in the air more than on the ground, BMX is for you. These bicycles are designed to practice BMX (Bicycle Moto Cross), a type of cycling derived from motocross, in which tricks and stunts are performed.


Advantages and features of BMX bikes

BMX bicycles have a small size for greater maneuverability. Its handlebars are wide to have superior control of the bike. They have metal supports for performing tricks and the saddle is usually placed in the lowest possible position so that it does not get in the way when performing jumps.

This is the only bike that will make it difficult for you to keep your feet on the ground. For fans of jumps, tricks and stunts. Excitement, adrenaline and desire to improve. Specially designed for lovers of extreme sports, its characteristics allow greater acceleration and precision that you can put into practice both on the track and on the street..

Experiment in the air or perfect your tricks on the plane, reinforce and develop your technique. You will find that we have different modalities at your disposal, both for competition and professional level and for those who enjoy freestyle and have fun challenging themselves.


¿What to take into account when choosing a BMX bike?

Action and adrenaline, the BMX bike has a whole world created around it. That is why there are different models of BMX depending on the modality practiced; The race mode is practiced on a track similar to a motocross track, with compact clay sand soil, which prevents the wheels from getting stuck. In this mode the objective is to complete the route in the shortest time possible. In addition, racing is a discipline that will provide you with the necessary technique to practice any other type of cycling. But within the BMX world we also find a second modality; freestyle, in which there are different variants, whose main objective is to do acrobatics. The characteristics of bicycle models vary depending on the specialty practiced.

¡There is no age to practice BMX! It doesn't matter if you are 5 or 50, if you like action, this sport is for you. Enjoy your BMX on your own or compete, everything is possible, since within the BMX competitions there are categories for all ages.

It is important to keep in mind that BMX bicycles have specific characteristics. In this way the races and tricks can be performed correctly, and in the safest way possible. Among their main characteristics we find that they usually have a small frame size so that maneuverability is greater. The size of the plate depends on the modality practiced; The small chainrings are lighter, and the large chainrings are faster, the latter being used in racing. Without forgetting that one of the greatest features of these bicycles are the supports, which are used to perform tricks, in which the saddle is usually used in its lowest position, so that it does not cause a nuisance when performing jumps. In addition, the handlebars are usually large to have greater control of the bike and in some modes (park and ramp) the rotor is usually used, so that the rotation of the handlebars is not limited by the brake cable.

BMX is an extreme sport, so safety is essential. Our bicycles are built with the best materials, since safety is one of our priorities. But, in addition, the cyclist must use accessories such as: helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and cloth gloves. It is also important that you wear appropriate footwear, skate-type sneakers or MTB platform sneakers are the most appropriate. Maintenance on this type of bicycle is essential to avoid accidents.s.

If you want a bike that transmits emotions, this is yours!!


¿Why a Momabikes BMX bike?

At MOMABIKES we have been manufacturing for more than 15 years bikes. All our bicycles and e-bikes They are Made in EU, designed in Barcelona and manufactured in Spain. Our international recognition is due to the great commitment to quality and innovation that characterizes us. We are very clear about our priorities, and your safety is one of them. At MOMABIKES we are so confident in the quality and resistance of our products that we offer a lifetime frame warranty.

Choosing the right bicycle for our needs may seem like a complicated task, but we make it easy for you to find the bicycle that best suits you according to its functionality, characteristics and the use you are going to give it.


¡With MOMABIKES you will go as far as your legs can take you!