<p><strong>Tips to maintain your E-BIKE</strong></p><p></p>

The best way to enjoy your E-BIKE is to carry out good maintenance with which to extend the useful life of all its components.

The main maintenance of an E-BIKE is similar to that of a conventional bicycle: frequently check the condition of the brakes, periodically check the tire pressure and keep the moving mechanical elements, such as the gear shift, chain or sprockets, well lubricated. But, being an E-BIKE, it will need some extra care of the special elements to keep it in perfect condition; battery, motor and electrical system components.

 Correct maintenance of an E-BIKE is not complicated, you should pay special attention to the following:


Battery maintenance

Good daily maintenance of an E-BIKE battery is essential. It is one of its differentiating elements and for the battery to last in perfect condition there are several things that we must take into account.

First of all, it is important use the manufacturer's charger. When charging, we will first connect the connector to the battery and then to the plug, and, when the charge is full, we will first disconnect the charger from the plug and then the connector from the battery. In this way we are protecting both elements, since there is a possibility that a spark may occur that could burn the battery or engine connector.

On the other hand, we must prevent the battery from being completely discharged and do not expose it to excess charging, since if we do so, its properties may be affected. Additionally, if you are going to store the battery for a long period of time, the best way to increase its useful life is to store it at half charge.

Our last recommendation regarding batteries is that you wait a couple of hours in an area with average temperatures after returning from a route, since it is not good to charge the electric bike right after finishing a route with extreme temperatures. It is very important to take these environmental factors into account, because extreme temperatures can seriously affect the autonomy of our E-BIKE.



Electrical system maintenance

If you notice any type of failure in the electrical system components; sensors, engine, electronic anti-theft system, display or controller, go to technical service and avoid manipulating it to obtain a correct solution for the component that has failed.



Cleaning, drying and oiling your bike after each ride will make it look better and its components last longer.

Several factors must be taken into account when washing your E-BIKE; You can get the electronic components wet, but it is advisable to remove the battery and protect the controller. Never use a pressurized water system to wash it, and always try to dry its components by hand.

It is that simple to keep your electric bike clean, but if you want to know more, in another blog post we explain in detail how to properly wash your E-BIKE.


Wheel and brake maintenance

Good maintenance of the wheels and brakes of our bike is essential to keep the bike in good condition and to be able to ride safely.

These are two of the elements that we must take care of most for our safety. First of all, periodically check the condition of the tires. To do this, change the tires when they show wear and make sure that the tire pressure is adequate taking into account the weight of the E-BIKE, the user and the type of tire.

You should also check the adjustment of the spokes at least once a year, as they may be deformed due to impacts or the weight of the bike itself. And, regarding the brakes, check them frequently, bleeding them when necessary, paying attention to the tension of the lever and adjusting the tensioners next to it. You should also check the condition of the pads, discs or pads, if your model has them.


Other elements

This is not all, there are some more elements that we should not ignore when taking care of our bike. That the gear change is well adjusted is important to circulate comfortably and safely. If we see that a gear does not fit well or jumps, we must tighten and adjust the rear derailleur; we recommend that this be done by a professional. It is also advisable to regularly tighten the screws of the pedal cranks, the seat post, the handlebars and, on those bikes that incorporate it, keep the carrier and the fender well secured.

To finish with some more general advice, avoid going out on days when it rains a lot and in muddy areas, as they can damage many elements of your bike when they dry out.

And, if possible, store your E-BIKE in a shaded place or with a waterproof cover, the sun damages the paint over time. Also, to extend its useful life, remember to leave the chain on the small sprocket, since it is where the least tension is generated.

Finally, it is advisable to have a yearly inspection at an official technical service, this way you can confirm that your bike is in good condition.

Folding, of walk or of mountainBy following these simple recommendations to take care of your E-BIKE, you will go out riding with maximum safety and efficiency, enjoy!!